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Where instrumentals meet your imagination. Where hip hop meets spoken word. This collaboration creates experimental hip hop with beats that suit every mood. This EP is a journey of music; interwoven by poetry, with a New York undertone.


released October 5, 2011

Produced by: King I Divine
Spoken Word by: LD Henriquez
Artwork by: Daniel Main (Artigliphics)



all rights reserved


King I Divine Atlanta, Georgia

King I Divine; synonymous with the MPC and the mastermind behind the 'Flipped: Jodeci Edition' and Crown Jewelz 1,2 and 3 beat tapes. Raised in Queens, NY but an ATL resident, King I Divine has been creating music since 2006. Arguably, his love affair with Hip Hop was birthed years before, considering that his early influences included RZA, DJ Premier, Pete Rock and the late J Dilla to name a few ... more

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Track Name: East 54th
She fell in love with NY
Used to be in love with London
But she came from that dungeon
Diameter Big Apple pie in circumference.
She said ‘AveNue 18 in particular hurt me’
Like it’s streets, obsolete tried to defeat and leave her dirty,
She (R)ode down it’s Canals, past Corvettes, (Q)ueens to cabs to cocaine
(Sub)merged by (way) of (L)ove & high hopes as she (E)ndeavoured on the (F)trai(N),
She fell in love with NY,
For NY she fell permanently,
But couldn’t migrate ASAP as situations blocked like NYPD,
Fell for avenue four and f-i-v-e
Liberated, statuesque, like Lower East, Delancey streets.
She fell in love with NY,
©LD Henriquez
Track Name: City Lights
Diners, dialect, dusty pavements,
Whilst hustlers rustled and bustled past some with tainted arrangements,
Ran her fingers through its knotted mane, skin genuine, resilient and refined,
Subtle, Effervescent, Ambient Nights to sap in summertime… Divine.
She fell in love with NY,
© LD Henriquez
Track Name: Amber Nights
She fell in love with NY,
Where mean mugging, stars upcoming are in rotation,
Sidewalks talk stereo sounds, hip hop’s home hums in salvation,
NY made her an addition to its residents, another tide in its sea,
Grabbed her via Heart Strings and swallowed her in entirety,
© LD Henriquez
Track Name: Joy
Seen schemes & metrocard dreams from movie scenes in real enactment
Puts into retrospect their pages share same text yet different fonts, accents
Past life to present as Squares of Time go by, She stays in love with NY.
© LD Henriquez
Track Name: R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y
Ripped, raped from wombs that should reside in tombs but now convinced our fate is
Oppressed via mentally not quintessentially as our entire entity ruled generations for
Yachts, not slave ships, hard rocks not chains, whips we once reigned and can rain
Aristocratic, noble, our architecture global, the one issue in total is history notes them
yet they stole all,
Light, rays, bright, like how the sunshine gloats and glistens, our melanin should glow
listen and not be the binding bond for us to prisons
Tribes, triumphant, tainted nations
Years impending, I hope we start lending our optimism to future generations…
© LD Henriquez